Empowering women, Changing lives, Impacting communities!

Our Mission:


60% of the world’s poorest
people are women
— United Nations Development Programme

But, WUEE recognizes that when you EMPOWER women, you empower the whole community!

We provide women with the tools and skills to promote economic stability.

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Our Mission

Women United for Economic Empowerment, Inc. (WUEE) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to women’s rights and development.  Our goal is to empower underprivileged women and children by providing them with tools and skills to promote economic stability and self-sufficiency.


Our Impact

  • Small business grants for women.
  • Education scholarships for young girls.
  • Training for traditional birth attendants.
  • Infrastructure and capacity building to provide safe drinking water and maternity services.
  • ... and so much more!

WUEE is fundamentally changing lives for the women of Akwa Ibom State!


local government areas served

WUEE is committed to serving women and girls all over Akwa Ibom State (AKS). 



Years of service

Since our inception in 2002, WUEE has seen tremendous success across our programmatic areas. 



million citizens served

From providing computer literacy skills to young girls, to training traditional birth attendants to attenuate HIV/AIDS transmission, to encouraging civic engagement among women, WUEE is attacking the root causes of poverty to empower the women and youth of AKS!

Our Programs

Since our inception, we have sponsored several programs and initiatives across our core issue areas to help us fulfill our mission. 



WUEE works to fill systemic education gaps for girls and young women of AKS. WUEE has accomplished the following and much more: built an elementary school in Ikot Akama making it possible for 8,000+ students to go to school until sixth grade; provided scholarships for 20+ girls to complete secondary school; provided computer literacy training for 50+ students.

Gender equality & Civic engagement 

Women deserve a seat at the governing table. WUEE supports the training of community leaders and conducts voter education in 18 communities to reduce election violence and increase active participation of women, youth and persons living with disability in electoral processes. We have seen over 10 women elected as community council members!


Health services are key to achieving economic success. WUEE intervenes at the nexus of maternal, newborn and child health to lower barriers to self-sufficiency. Our highlights include the provision of safe drinking water to combat pregnancy complications and infant mortality, HIV/AIDS awareness training to reduce mother to child viral transmission.

economic empowerment

Since inception of our program, WUEE has supported 650+ women with small businesses grants, thereby alleviating their economic vulnerability and promoting self-reliance.